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Ingrid Asensio Ramos

Ingrid Asensio

Expand Global is composed of an experienced professional with in-depth business internationalization knowledge, which enables the firm to provide its clients with invaluable insight and strategy advice.

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Meet Ingrid Asensio Ramos, the driving force behind the Expand Global Consulting. Ingrid plays a pivotal role to the success of the organization, contributing her wealth of expertise and dedication to its mission.

Having a great sense of leadership, Ingrid has demonstrated her high prowess as a consultant who can comfortably adapt to situations and offer effective services to every challenges. Her notable career bears a consistent record of success for many companies that she has led to break bounds into different markets.

Her educational foundation has a broad knowledge of international markets, which is her strength in understanding the different local economic environments she operates within. She possesses an unmatched tactical consciousness oftentimes holding down for a company that seeks new markets.

However, Ingred’s special strength is in her unbelievable cross-culture skills. Her extraordinary combination of attributes goes beyond geographic limitations and enables her to develop mutually beneficial partnerships and strong ties with many companies across different colourful nations/cultures. In addition to this, her drive is unparalleled in pushing for business expansion across the complex settings of Sub-Sahara Africa and Middle East regions.


Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs  - General Directorate for Africa - Ministry of foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. 

MinSecretary of State for Foreign Affairs  - General Directorate for Africa - Ministry of foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

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