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The IMPULS EXTERIOR- Barcelona 2023

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

The VII Edition of IMPULS EXTERIOR was held on April 19 at the World Trade Center in Barcelona. With more than 300 businessmen visiting, mostly from Catalan companies interested in doing business in foreign markets. There was a representation of 38 countries, with Angola as the prominent country.

From the organization of IMEX, satisfaction has been shown for having verified the convenience of holding the international business event and, on the other, for having perceived a high quality on this occasion in the consultations made by the visitors.

During the event IMPULS EXTERIOR – Barcelona, ​​18 conferences and round tables were held in which the participants will be able to delve into #internationalbusiness, addressing particularly the LATAM Boost, the AFRICA Boost, and #Sustainable Internationalization.

African countries have actively participated in the latest editions of IMEX. In attendance from Africa were Ghana and Nigeria, represented by Ingrid Asensio Ramos. An enlightening conferene was held by Ingrid under the topic “Creating an African Market and benefits for European Companies”.

This event as a whole has exposed the growing African market and its numerous opportunities to the Catalan business industry and the other 36 countries present. The event was crucial to the African market as it presented a platform to share insight into the market's growth and attract investors to the African market.

The entirety of this event has unveiled the growing African market, showcasing its abundant opportunities not only to the Catalan business industry but also to the 36 other nations in attendance. This gathering held paramount significance for the African market, serving as a pivotal platform to share insights regarding its robust growth trajectory and, also, to attract prospective investors to participate actively within the African marketplace.

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